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Water filters - outside ?

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  • Water filters - outside ?

    I'm installing a 20 inch 5 micron sediment filter and a 5 micron carbon filter on the town water supply at my new brewery.
    The filters are in an opaque blue toughened plastic housing.
    I'm in a part of NSW Australia where it never drops below about 40F (6c) but can get up to about 110F (44c)

    Question - will these be ok outside (my preference) or do you think I need them inside ?


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    I would have thought you supplier is the best person to answer that - two reasons come to mind, obviously there may well be others.

    Firstly, they know the material the housings are made from and know what conditions they should stand up to

    Secondly, if you follow their advice and the system fails due to atmospheric impact on the housings, then you can claim off them.

    I would also check if you need additional filters - again your supplier should know best what is required for the local conditions


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      No sir - Freezing is one thing to avoid, as is the UV exposure from the sunlight. Best to have those housings in a conditioned space.

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        In general it is not recommended but it is often unavoidable. A simple shade will greatly increase the longevity of the equipment life. Since you never get that cold, freezing is not an issue but higher temperatures will potentially increase the biological contamination potential. Be sure to properly sanitize the filter housing regularly and the plumbing lines as well.