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Epoxy coating for storing RO or dealkalinized water (low pH)

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  • Epoxy coating for storing RO or dealkalinized water (low pH)


    I've installed a water softener which uses a WAC resin and it does perform well at taking out alkalinity and hardness with it. As expected of water with no alkalinity, pH comes in the 3,5 - 5,5 range, which is standard for WAC resins.

    So far I have used an standard concrete tank to store the water, only to find out that the concrete is probably reacting with the low pH water and is turning it both alkaline and hard, which is a huge letdown.

    I'm planning to apply an epoxy coating to avoid this scenario of the concrete tank leaching calcium carbonate to the dealkalinized water, do you know of anyone intended for RO water or rainwater (since those also comes low on pH)? An epoxy for acids is probably overkill, but I do not want to run the risk of applying a standard coating for potable water only to find out it underperforms because "it is intended for neutral values of pH".

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    I suspect your resin treated water may not be suitable for brewing. So get an ionic analysis of the anions and cations before you worry about what sort of lining is best.

    Once you have an ionic analysis, and are happy that it is usable for brewing after full treatment, either without addition treatment, or with additional treatment, then you can approach a local distributor / installer / supplier to get their recommendation. Then I suggest you double check with the manufacturer, also checking what condition the tank base (concrete / metal) has to be like before you can successfully apply the material.