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    Does anyone know of a laboratory that we can send our brewing water to for a full analysis? We're getting sulfur smell in our finished product and are having a hard time isolating the problem.

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    Ward Labs is the most cost-effective and comprehensive that we've come across. Unless your municipality can supply you with this info for free, assuming you're not on well water.


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      As a side note to my previous post - does the sulfur arise only in the finished product? Is it present in your raw water? There are a few points in the process, fermentation especially, that sulfur can pop up. Stressed fermentations, cool ferment temps, bacterial presence + others could be a cause as well. Has your process changed at all on the cold side?


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        Bemidji is on top of it....I’m guessing this is a post-brewing issue as sulphur in drinking water is usually quite easy to detect. Most people won’t drink it if it smells like sulphur. Usually it will be found as H2S or SO2 and will identify as rotten egg/sewage or burnt match/gunpowder respectively.

        This could be many compounds from many sources. Malt and Hops can also contribute to sulphur compounds in the finished product. There is not enough information here to diagnose.

        Drop a copper tube into your kettle during boil if you want something immediately actionable that will not effect the rest of your process. Identify the sulphur compound and then you will have a good idea how to address it.