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High pH in HLT/CLT

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    I commissioned one for a large brewery many years ago, but we built it from scratch, though of course I am sure someone will make a suitable dosing system.

    For a start, they had extremely consistent water - borehole, which made control much easier. So we used proportional dosing, which meant a fixed speed positive displacement pump for the acid (we used sulphuric) with a flow switch on it to check it pumped, flow meter on the water supply, to control the operation of the acid dosing pump, with an in-line mixer after the dosing point and a pH meter downstream to check the operation was OK. Plus alarms to the brewhouse automation. Because of the large amounts of CO2 produced, this was followed by a degassing tower. So an automated system is possible, but not cheap, and if you have variable water quality, the system is likely to be more complex due to the additional controls. You should be able to get away using manual variable dosing pump output if you have a pH meter and alarms on the pH.