Hi there - we're a bit perplexed by a pH issue with our brewing water. Long story short, recently opened so brand new system and piping all around. We are routinely getting pH readings in the high 8s and low 9s in our HLT and CLT. We have taken samples all around the brewery and tap room at different points. The water coming out of faucets and sinks is closer to normal for this city (mid 7s).

At first we suspected something in the HLT/CLT so we re-CIP'd both tanks with caustic and acid and hit the inline heat exchangers as well. No movement.

This morning I pulled the water feed pipe to the HLT and CLT and once again showed readings in the low 9s. So the issue probably isn't the tanks - its the supply water to both the HLT/CLT. However the piping in the building is all coming from the same source as the water coming in mid 7s to the taproom/sinks/other outlets.

Seems like the problem is in the plumbing for the brewhouse - anyone else noticed something similar? Is there something in piping that could be raising the alkalinity of the water?