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  • DIN enclosures

    Cant seem to find any premade ecnlcosures for 1/16 DIN controllers that hold more than three. Anyone have a source or do you just buy a punch and custom build them. Seems like they should be out there but Im not finding them. Im looking to house 8-12 in a single enclosure.

  • #2 will cut a front plate in any configuration you need. Check out their website. I've found the customer service folks to be excellent on the phone, too. They have a wide variety of electrical enclosures to chose from.
    Timm Turrentine

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      I've done it with a jigsaw (NOT recommended). The best way is to contact an electrical panel or automation shop. There are square & rectangular dies that they punch perfect holes with. And as a sidebar; select a big enough enclosure to allow lots of space around components and for possible future growth. Nothing as aggravating as cramming in too many wires in a small box. Good luck!
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