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Controlling castback pump speed with temperature?

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    Interesting thread

    I am now educated

    I used to be from the Texas side.

    Best of luck on the project
    Warren Turner
    Industrial Engineering Technician
    HVACR-Electrical Systems Specialist
    Moab Brewery
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      Is this variability due to flow rate or changes in pressure? In my case the pressure would change, thus changing the flow rate. I added a pressure regulator in my main, before the heat exchanger, set it lower than the lowest I ever see our water pressure. This really smoothed out my ups and downs.

      Rich DeLano


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        Thanks, Warren. I've also been educated--knockout if that's the word everyone else uses.

        Rich--excellent idea! I'll stick a pressure gauge on the cold water line next time we brew.

        This idea grew from my effort to find a truly accurate digital thermometer for the knockout (and the mash tun). We're all tired of having to calibrate the bimetal therms every brew, and it seems it's getting harder to find decent quality bimetal therms. After doing too much research, it seems the best way to get the reliability and accuracy we want is to use platinum RTDs and good quality digital temperature indicators/controllers. Since I'm already forking out for the controller, I might as well use it to control something, and the brewers thought this was a great idea.

        I'm still surprised no one makes a proper digital brewery thermometer. The only ones I've found are homebrew jobs, which actually are nothing but digital food thermometers with an accuracy, generally, of ~+-2* F, and who knows what actual precision. Then there are the FDA approved process therms for the dairy and meat processing industries, with all the legal logging and approvals and the consequent costs.
        Timm Turrentine

        Terminal Gravity Brewing,
        Enterprise. Oregon.