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    Howdy all,
    I’m looking into BrewPlanner software to, well, plan brew, packaging, etc. I’ve been playing with the software and reviewing their videos. But, so far, I have not found it to be as intuitive as I initially thought it would be although I do still have high hopes. I am curious to hear other professionals experience with this platform.
    Glacier Brewing Company

    "who said what now?"

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    We are about two months into using the basic version. I'm hoping to replace a bunch of spreadsheets and a Google calendar. So far, we like it. But I agree, it has some quirks. It's too small to see on a mobile device. To view packaging numbers of kegs vs cases, you have to click into the packaging icon. So you also can't just broadcast the dashboard screen to a big-screen TV like we hoped - to see all the info you need, you have to be able to interact with the screen.

    But for keeping track of what beer is in what tank, it has been helpful. Our tanks are all different sizes, some have better racking arms for dry-hopped beers, some are easier to get to with our scissor lift for dry-hopping, etc.

    So the jury is still out for us, but so far so good.
    Linus Hall
    Yazoo Brewing
    Nashville, TN


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      We are here if there are any scenarios you're having a hard time representing or if you have questions/feedback for us. We'd love to work with you to help figure out how BrewPlanner can best support your operations! Reach out anytime to
      Lesley at BrewPlanner