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Colorado Brewing Systems Fermentation Controller.

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  • Colorado Brewing Systems Fermentation Controller.

    I recently acquired on of their Fermentation Controllers in the secondary market and before I could get it set up they went belly up. I did download the stuff (manual, drawing) from website before that went offline also.

    My problem is the k-type thermocouples are not reading accurately when we extend the cables. We did use the K-type extension cable. They work fine wired directly to I/O block.

    I am unable to get to any set up menu to set up +- on inputs or select temp probe type etc.

    Any help, guidance, manuals, prayers would be welcome.

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    Unless you already have type K elsewhere, I'd switch it out for Pt100 RTDs. Less expensive, more accurate, more reliable. As you probably know, thermocouples cannot just be spliced to extend. Special terminal block is required. But first, you must be able to set up your controller. Look for reset or some key to get in. Sometimes these controllers have a default code to enter setup mode.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--