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  • Automation ideas

    We are doing some upgrades on our brewhouse control system now.
    Added functions such as automatic lauteringand remote monitor/control via phone or computer and fixing some problems.

    Aside from the bottle and keg filling lines, we currently have no automation.

    Two future automation projects I would like is automated CIP system. Program specific for each object that needs to be cleaned, starting pumps, opening on the CIP supply line, return line, steam line for heating castic, drain and preferable automatic dosing.
    My hope is that this will reduce water usage, reduce chemical usage, reduce manual handling of chemicals and in practice the employe in the cellar can make all the connections and set the CIP-program to start, for example, 0400 in the morning and he can focus on other things.

    The other idea is tank control. Fermenters, brights and water tanks have their temperature monitored and adjusted by opening one or more valves from the glycol line, but also reduce the speed of the glycol pump or shut it off completely when no tanks require cooling.
    With this, I can control and monitor the temperature (and perhaps tank pressure), when no one is in the brewery, like on nights, weekends, long holidays. You know, the usual times when the cooling system or solenoids breaks down.

    My question is, what kind of automation do you have, what experiences have you had and do you have any other ideas that you would like to see in your brewery?

    A complete system like Braumat 7.0 is too expensive and too overkill for our needs at the moment.

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    I have done the automation for the tank temperature control in our brewery ands it has saved many a batch of beer from a hot ferment to eliminating warm brite tanks for packaging days.

    I used the Brewers Dashboard from Infinite Automation. It's easily expandable and works well. We have been using for over 8 years now.
    Contact me for more info.

    Matt Vincent


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      I would suggest you concentrate on FVs and BBTs temp control before anything else as this is one of if the most important aspect of craft beer consistency and quality.

      Mario Bourgeois
      Casselman ON Canada