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  • sensors

    hello all!

    i am wondering where can i find sensors like the ones in the picture the thread size is 1/2"

    thanks cheerS
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    While ours are longer, yours look just like our Watlow RTD sensors.!docs-specs
    Peter Landman | Brewmaster | Seabright Brewery | Santa Cruz, CA


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      Are you looking for the actual sensor, or the sensor housing, or both as pictured? They don't always come together.

      I agree it looks like an RTD. Possibly PT100. They are usually quite long, but can be cut to size.

      I would suggest Grainger, McMaster Carr, Omega, Automation Direct, Pyromation, depending on what you have available in the DR. Watlow (as suggested) is a good choice too. You should be able to get a number of fittings for the housing to match your 1/2" npt, and a watertight cord fitting to ensure a good seal. I prefer a spring loaded fitting for the 1/2" NPT to Thermowell so the sensor touches the end of the well at all times. Thermal paste is also helpful in general.