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Monitoring / Reporting Use Cases?

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  • CraftAutomation
    The information is valuable enough that this is standard in all of our PLC control panels.

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  • craigtaylor
    started a topic Monitoring / Reporting Use Cases?

    Monitoring / Reporting Use Cases?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and exploring entering the brewing automation, monitoring and reporting realm. As I am just developing this idea I am curious about this group’s thoughts on the following:

    Use Cases: My idea is to collect key information from process equipment and batch reports. I think the possible business benefits include:
    - Equipment Failure Detection
    - Remote equipment control (e.g., remote setpoint changes)
    - Quality assurance through batch-to-batch comparisons
    - Reporting (both batch and process variables)

    - How much value would these use cases provide? (e.g., low, med, high, quantified value)
    - Can you think of other more valuable data collection/analysis use cases for your brewery?

    Any help with defining this business would be greatly appreciated. If you want to chat directly, e-mail me at and I will coordinate a chat.

    Best Regards,
    Craig Taylor