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  • Special Cleaning Hose

    So I've got 50 feet or so of GW Kent Vinter/Brewer hose, for beer transfer. My question is whether or not I should get different hose for running all of our caustic and acid cleaning cycles? Was thinking something like this:

    Waste of money or should we keep the hoses separate one for beer one for cleaning...granted we'll have to run a cycle through our brewers hose to keep that clean. Was just worried about doing it for an entire tank cleaning cycle.

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    I think most of us use our brew hose for CIP as well. Your cleaning chem should not hurt your hose.

    However, if you run extremely hot CIP cycles, be careful as heat above the rated temp/time for the hose can cause it to collapse or kink. By extremely hot, I mean above 185 F.

    Treat your hoses well, and they should last 5 years or more. Treat them badly, and you will need new ones every year.