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Non Food Grade Hose for Brewing Water Transfer

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  • Non Food Grade Hose for Brewing Water Transfer

    We have some Goodyear Horizon hose for washdown and general spraying. This hose is rated for use up to 190F but is not food grade according to Goodyear. I'm reluctant to use it for things like transferring hot water from our HLT to MLT or hot water (180F) straight from our on demand water heaters to MLT.

    The hose itself has a noticeable rubber smell after running hot water through it. I think the water does as well but others in our operation think it's fine.

    I personally do not like the idea of using a non food grade hose for water that is used to make our beer. What are your thoughts? Am I overreacting?

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    No. You are not over reacting. Don't use it.

    If you can smell it, then it will definitely taint the water / beer / yeast. You simply have accept you have to pay the extra for food grade hose for product use. By all means use this hose for wash down only purposes, but then you have to be sure it won't get used for final rinses of brewing plant dilution, topping up etc, so you are probably best off only having food grade hose anywhere in the brewery


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      I'll second that.

      Additionally, whatever health inspectors you deal with will almost certainly not be happy with non-food grade anything anywhere in the process chain. Ours balked at the use of duct tape in the malt room--even though it wasn't really in the process chain.
      Timm Turrentine

      Terminal Gravity Brewing,
      Enterprise. Oregon.


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        Oh hell no!

        Good call d_striker! You are not overreacting. Agree with both previous posts! Nothing that touches your process should be non-food-grade. If you use plastics, elastomers, metals, composites, etc in your (aqueous) process that are not food grade, you expose your customers to chemicals that are potentially dangerous. You could argue miniscule ppb and dilution rates, but I wouldn't think of it. The public deserves better from "craft" beer makers. This is one place where the big guys excel and the (especially small, cash-strapped) "craft" needs more awareness, IMHO. Be safe, not sorry. Good luck!
        Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--