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Pumping through different diameter pipe/hose

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  • Pumping through different diameter pipe/hose

    Hi All- Just now setting up our brewhouse. I have aquired a 1/2 horse sanitary pump to transfer wort to fermenters in a seperate room. Almost all of my fittings are 1", but the hard pipe to the fermentation cooler is 1.5. I seem to recall that it is not good to pump from smaller diameter to larger diameter. Is this correct? Do you think I might have a problem?

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    5400 litres / hour is the absolute minimum to give 1.5 metres / sec, but for cleaning you should aim for 7200 litres hour, giving 2 metres / second for these pipe sizes, based on 1.5 inch pipe (OD).

    So if you can achieve say 5400 litres / hour for beer, you should be OK in 1.5 inch pipe and not too rediculously fast at 3.7 metres / sec if only for very short sections. if the tank inlets are in 1", then you will probably experience fountains at the start of filling, and vortexing when emptying, so a vortex brewaker, with, though I really don't like them for hygiene reasons, a flat plate on top of the cruciform in the outlet to spread the flow outwards during start of filling.