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Diverting liquid flow into two channels

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  • Diverting liquid flow into two channels

    Hey all,

    am currently looking for ways to divert liquid from one hose into two hoses. The rate should ideally be 1 to 9. Any suggestions on how I could achieve this? Greatly appreciate any help!

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    Hi, this is an interesting question. From your description, there are 2 basic ways to do this. The easiest and probably cheapest is to have someone build a custom Y-splitter for you. A normal Y-splitter would split the flow 50/50. Since you want a different ratio, it would need to be a custom built splitter. You don't mention the size of the incoming line, but depending on the line size, you may also have to watch the pressure build up to the small side. If that happens, then you may also need a pressure regulating valve.

    The other option is to use a divert valve with a control top actuator. We typically sell these in dairy applications. In dairy, they are used in HTST to divert flow once pasteurization temps are met. You would need some controls to program it to divert flow either based on time or some other parameters. This option is going to be more involved and more costly.
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      For a more manual option, you could put in a Y-splitter as suggested above, and then something like this: