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  • Hose fit for use on Beer

    Hello all.
    I have a few brewery hoses that are aged and have seen better days.
    Is there any issue with using these hoses for CIP tanks prior to transfer of beer but not for the actual transfer itself?

    Also any advice on spec of new hoses for beer transfer would be much appreciated.

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    When in doubt, throw it out

    If you aren't happy using these hoses on finished beer I would recommend you don't use them for any part of your process. The exception might be for hot or cold liquor transfer if you can be 100% certain they would be dedicated to those functions. Brewery hoses are expensive but what value do you place on your reputation if spoiled beer gets to market? Best case scenario you catch a contamination issue and can dump the batch, but even that loss would most likely cost more than the new hoses in question, I assume.

    As far as specs: I'm not sure how much crossover there is in the terminology across the pond but if the terms USDA FDA 3A are on a hose it will suffice for brewery use for me. You may be bound by the rules of some regulatory agency I am unaware of. In any case you will want to make sure the hoses are rated for suction and the specs exceed the demand you will put on them for pressure and temperature.