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    Hello we are a 4 month old brewery using a 3 BBL Colorado Brew System. As far as brewery hose, we are currently using 1/2 inch ID Silicon tubing for all cleaning and transfers etc. We are chilling using two counterflow chillers daisychained together and pumping with a chugger maxx. I will list the pump specs at the end of the post.
    I am not getting a great clean using the CIP and chugger so as soon as I can, I am going to upgrade my pump. At the very least, I am going to run this pump from harbor freight for CIP only as others on here have suggested.
    I will likely continue knockout and transfers with the Chugger Maxx until I can upgrade my chilling method as well and then upgrade pump and chiller at the same time.
    I want to upgrade to brewery hose for sanitation purposes. What size of hose with sanitary crimped ends should I be looking at? 3/4 transfer with 1 inch for suction? I do not want to go any larger than I need to for cost and handling aspects.
    My kettle to the furthest tank is 20 feet.
    Thanks for any input!

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    I was advised to use 1" id hose. I've also seen information advising to use the same ID as the inlet on the pump. Also, I know guys who buy this stuff by the roll for their cold side transfers
    Also keep the inlet side short if possible. These pumps are meant to push the liquid.
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      Gray Vintner Food Rubber Transfer Hose with TC ends. Contitech Vintner is the first crushproof hose in the winery & brewery industry.

      3/4 -1 1/2 HP Topline C100md Portable Centrifugal Pump built for tough conditions found in a craft brewery, microbrewery, craft cidery, etc.
      Brewmaster, Minocqua Brewing Company
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        Be careful getting hose that’s too wide if you’re sticking with your Chugger Max for knockout and t/f to vessels. I run a max in my home/test system and it’ll do the job with a 1” line, but I had troubles with a standard March/chugger with 1” hoses (column of liquid was too much).

        For CIP I think you’ll want a bigger pump, period. I can CIP my 1BBL kettle with my Max and a spike 1” spray ball, but I sure wouldn’t for your 3BBL setup. Snoop around for used, they’re out their. Feed that baby with a short, fat input line with no elbows, and keep the run to your spray ball as straight as possible.

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          Reinforced brewery EPDM Hose
          Click image for larger version

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