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Kettle steam vent 4 feet to outside wall.

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  • Kettle steam vent 4 feet to outside wall.

    Steam vent for 5hl kettle.
    Hi, my kettle has a condenser and it does not work. What is the best way to go 1.3m (4 feet) to an outside wall? The wall opening is about the same height as the top of the kettle. I have seem some steam vents where they go up and then they go down to the outside but I do not know how they did this.
    Can I kettle DMS trap/condensation ring be retrofitted?
    Thanks Gary

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    Hey Gary,

    If your steam vent is at the same height as your top of kettle, it may be difficult to design this with a condensate trap to work effectively. You really need to have your vent go up and out of the building to have your condensate to accumulate and drain properly. That said, it would probably be easier and cheaper to just fix your current condenser stack.

    Hope this helps.

    Derek Wasak
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      Thanks, i just did a test. The vent now goes 1.5 meters out of the building with a negative slope, then up. There is a condensation drain at the bottom of the vertical stack. Works fine.