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Charcoal or Carbon filter for steam stack aromas ?

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  • Charcoal or Carbon filter for steam stack aromas ?

    We are looking to put a 7bbl brewery in a location that has apartments on the floors above our space. The landlord is asking that we place a charcoal or carbon filter on the steam stack from the boil kettle to reduce the aromas from the beer production. The landlord is also wanted a negative pressure to be maintained within the space to keep any aromas within the space. Has anyone else encountered something like this?

    I should make a note that the vent run would be approximately 100' (40' through the building, then 60' up through the roof), and would need to be powered by a roof mounted fan.


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    I would look into a vapour condensers for your stack. No vent needed if you use one. I know Specific Mechanical has made them for some brewers. Basically your stack runs into a small tanks with water misters in it that condense the steam. the hot water can then use for other purposes or dumped. Cheers
    Joel Halbleib
    Partner / Zymurgist
    Hive and Barrel Meadery
    6302 Old La Grange Rd
    Crestwood, KY


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      Vapour Condenser

      We agree, a vapour condenser would offer a simple and cost effective solution that would address your needs.

      We fabricate a condenser that has a unique design relative to many of the other solutions that are offered in the US market today.

      Most notably:
      Our solution works with the laws of thermodynamics to reduce the amount of cooling water required (all else equal) to knock out steam and odors. This translates into savings.
      The design emphasizes the need to prevent undesirables from making their way back into the kettle.
      Our customers achieve an excellent boil off.

      Please let me know if you would like more information about our solution.


      Ralph Stellmacher
      Rocky Mountain Vessels, LLC
      5 Ponderosa Court
      Montrose, CO. 81401