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  • Gas burner vent

    I have a 60K BTU Banjo Burner on a 3BBL kettle that needs vented. The brewery equipment t is in a 1,200 SQFT space with a 10'x10' and an 18'x10' overhead door on one wall and an 8'x8' opening that leads to the rest of the building. My plan was to open a door and have a fan pulling the air to the outside but that's not going to suffice. Where do I need to start figuring this out? I have the option of venting through the roof with either a direct vent or a hood, though I would prefer the direct vent. I have 14' ceilings and the top of the brewhouse is about 5' from the floor. If I use a hood there's not be enough room for me to stand on the brewers platform. Should I consult an engineer, HVAC company, or who to determine what will work?

    Thanks, Mike