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Direct Fire Combustion Optimization

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  • Direct Fire Combustion Optimization

    We have a 7 BBL ABE Direct Fire Combi-System and we are about to install our flue for the burner. Before we install it, someone suggested that we install a port for temperature and emission checks.

    That leads me to my questions:
    How often do you check the efficiency of your combustion? Just dialed in at the first brew? Annually?

    Do you do it yourself with a Combustion Analyzer? Or do you have a specialist come out and each time?

    If you do it yourself, what analyzer did you purchase?

    We are currently looking at this one:


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    What burner are you running? I would assume they are each different especially with the modulating versions out there.

    We have an Economite EC200 and all i did was adjust the pressure setting when we went from Propane to NG. That said there is no difference in the BTU's we were looking for so the only difference was the Water Column pressure which is pretty easy to adjust with a digital manometer. That said we had it originally set up by our mechanical contractor and we had no issues with it and i had a family member walk me through it via skype. Fordge Works built our kettle and we had it installed per their instructions and the flue temperatures above and below met their technical specs.