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    Originally posted by jebzter View Post
    You will have to vent your combustion gasses and the steam from your kettle. They make condensers for the steam, so generally, you only need to have a flue for the combustion gas since you can use a condenser to deal with the steam. The type of flue will be determined by your mechanical code. If you have open burners like on a homebrew set up, that would be the only time that a captive hood would be required in most cases.
    Another reason electric is popular in the nano world... We just have a 6inch exhaust pipe venting out our wall from the enclosed Boil kettle. in some states they are still working out the details over who inspects what... in NY 80% of the breweries ive talked to have never been inspected by anyone.. We serve food so health dept does our kitchen but has stated the brewery is currently the Agr folks although they are considering moving to the county health dept to inspect.