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    What do you do for your waste water to make sure you are not getting charged sewage charges on water that is going into your beer? The city wants to have a metered unit that they can visually look at. However, they don't want to put in a 2'' meter. They tried necking us down to a 3/4" meter but this ended in problems. I am wondering how others handle this. I feel that if I can show them how other cities and breweries deal with this, they might agree to a similar method.

    Thanks All!

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    Line Size

    They don't want to pay the price for a 2 inch meter.
    If you need 2 inch, you may have to pay for the meter.
    Sign off on the spec. they want and pipe it in.
    Warren Turner
    Industrial Engineering Technician
    HVACR-Electrical Systems Specialist
    Moab Brewery
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      Present them with your Excise tax returns, that is a Federal document (under penalty of perjury) stating how much water leaves your brewery in beer form. Several breweries I know of have had this work. No need for a flow meter if they accept it.
      Joel Halbleib
      Partner / Zymurgist
      Hive and Barrel Meadery
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        Every place is different...

        I've tried this a few times with no success. Local authorities didn't care about where the sewage proper was deposited. They know that what I sell ends up in the sewage. So they charge my sewage based on what water I use. Someone has to pay for it. They aren't going to require my customers to install a sewage meter and pay more than their water bill because they brought home a six-pack. But the local authorities should have a meter for commercial use. 3/4 inch is only good for home and small business use. Good luck!
        Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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          Meter charge

          The county doesn' t want to pay for your 2 " meter? Does that mean they will give you the 3/4"?
          I'm considering building near Richmond, the county will charge me $60K for a 1". A 2 is double.