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Opening a Brewpub without city sewer available

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  • Opening a Brewpub without city sewer available

    We plan on opening our brewpub soon in an unincorporated area in south Tarrant County, Texas called Rendon. We already have our Brewpub permit from the TABC and we're working on TTB approval. We will have water available but not sewer. I am working with an engineer to design a system to handle our wastewater. We are starting out very small with a 1 BBL system and plan to brew 2 to 3 times a week. We won't be selling food, just beer and other beverages. We're planning on an aerobic septic system to handle the bathrooms, dishwashing, etc. on the taproom side. On the brewing side, we're thinking of a holding tank that will be emptied & trucked out to a sewage plant periodically.

    What we're trying to figure out what the water consumption and BOD will be. Are there any formulas out there to help us with that? Any input & advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Art Anderson
    Village Creek Brewing

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    I dont have the answer to that but there is a system to reduce your wastewater to where you severely reduce tss and bod therefore a wider selection of places to spray or dump. email me at I will send the info on the system.