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Capturing Spent Kettle/Dry Hops

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  • Capturing Spent Kettle/Dry Hops

    Are any of you straining/capturing spent hops from the kettle after knockout or from FV's after dry hopping. We're only brewing 5-7bbl batches but our IPA's are insanely hop bursted and dry hopped. Our municipality is pretty lax on waste water but we try to be as conscious as possible with putting solids down the drain.

    Need to figure a better way of capturing these hops in a solo brewing operation. A solution where one guy can be continuously spraying hops out of the kettle while simultaneously capturing spent hop pellet matter and draining water without having to go back and forth.

    Our floors/drain setup isn't the greatest, ie-floors aren't sloped completely to trench drains. And our kettle outlet is only about 2ft above the floor.

    Any ideas?