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    I am considering collecting all our spent yeast and having them tankered off site.

    Does anybody have suggestions of how best to run tank bottoms into another vessel. Would we need some kind of pumping system?

    Any help is much appreciated.



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    Originally posted by thornbridgerob View Post
    Does anybody have suggestions of how best to run tank bottoms into another vessel. Would we need some kind of pumping system?
    Since we don't know much about your system or operations, it is difficult to give much advice.

    I would say if you are in the 10 hL range or less, it can be as simple as pulling your yeast to buckets and pouring them into the top of an IBC type tote to be fork-lifted away. Or pushing with inert gas may work too, in lieu of a pump. Or placing a vessel in the basement (if you have one) for gravity collection.

    If you are larger, then yes, a pump may be needed to transfer the thick yeast into a vessel. For this I would recommend using a peristaltic pump. This type of pump avoids shearing the yeast when moving, and works in a volumetric sense, meaning you can quantify exactly how much volume you are moving. This pump can be used for yeast pitching as well, improving consistency in production.

    Of course you can use a simple centrifugal pump instead, however it is much more likely to shear yeast cells. Not really a factor if this is all waste yeast.


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      We just use head pressure to move the yeast and dry hops into IBC totes. If it was going much farther than the 10' of hose from the tank to the tote, we'd probably need a pump


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        Our tanks are 100hl and we generate around 10hl of yeast a day from all the yeast offs.

        thanks for the advice.


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          Hi Rob

          Use a double diaphragm air driven pump. I installed a large yeast waste collection system at one of the breweries in Tad, where we used to collect into large tanks, with atmospheric pressure not top pressure, and recirculate every couple of hours with the yeast pumped from the outlet, over the top of the yeast in the tank to knock out the CO2. I wanted the tanks to be cooled, but they weren't, but I was only aware of one or two overflows in several years of operation whilst I was there (they were overfilled due to delayed collections). If you want to sell it for animal food, then we used to use formic acid (a different brewery). I don't know if this is still allowed or you have to heat treat instead. Apparently, the pigs it was fed to loved it, and became fairly docile due to the residual alcohol and not getting into a friday night drunken strop!
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            Thanks for your help Dick. Definitely some food for thought there.