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  • Whiskey Recipes?


    I'm looking for a very simple whiskey recipe also directions on how to distill the mash

    thanks for the help

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    Whisky recipies

    I have brewed mash's for both malt whisky and boubon whisky. With the bourbon I made use of amylases when mashing.
    I brewed in strong at ca. 16 Plato, but as it turned out this wasn't really necessary as the destilling costs were dependent on amount of spirit won and not ont he amount of destillable brew.

    In both cases I run the mash off but didn't boil. his worked well
    I fermented with high attenuating yeast at a higer than usual temperature and made use of glycido-amylase during fermentation. Fermentation was done in about a week. It would probably take longer if you ferment the whole mash.

    I can't help with the destilling as I had this done at a destillery. I suggest the following two links, they helped me a lot.


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      Whisky recipes

      I agree with the distillation group site - lots of useful info there.

      For a good overview on Whiskey - see "Whisky:Technology, Production and Marketing (Ed. Inge Russell), Academic Press, 2003. ISBN: 0-12-669202-5. A bit pricey but a great book on the topic though no recipes as such.

      A number of early works republished include: Manufacture of Whiskey, Brandy & Cordials (reprinted ny Lindsay Publications, Inc) ( by Irving Hirsch (originally 1937). This has recipes, production notes and key tables. This and the distillationgroup materials would provide a good start.


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        -buy a refractometer and a strain of GMO yeast (like turbo yeast)
        -get a ton of hydrogen peroxide
        -5 gal carboy + air lock
        -still with a thermometer
        -distilled water
        -5 lbs of dextrose
        -5-10 lbs of any grain (preferably a milled one or cracked grain- corn is a staple- but get creative!)


        using the grain and distilled water make 3 gals or so of mash (think of it as grain tea). Test degrees brix in the refractometer. If substantially below 30 degrees brix add dextrose (id recommend 26 degrees brix)

        add the rest of the distilled water to the carboy.

        once the carboy feels like room temperature pitch your turbo yeast. within 2 weeks you'll have mash thats ready to distill.

        put the mash into the the still and boil the pot. (there are a variety of steps here- mostly just get to know how your still is prone to error and prevent those things ie: my still needs weather stripping on the lid to be airtight and not lose gas)

        once the thermometer hits 134-151 DISCARD THIS LIQUID! ITS POISON (called foreshot)

        once the thermometer hits 173 degrees fahrenheit your getting 100% ethanol. keep boiling the still until the thermometer begins to move past 200, at this point its almost 100% water.

        use a trailles hydrometer to determine proofage.