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Odin from iStill here! A short introduction -

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  • Odin from iStill here! A short introduction -

    Hi there,

    New to this forum, thank you for having me! Had many discussions with Banjo about joining or not. Especially since I am not much of a brewer. Distilling is my specialty. But since more and more brewers, as I understand it, consider adding distilled spirits to their portfolio, well, maybe I can be of some assistance.

    My company iStill was started 7 1/2 years ago. Its mission is to empower the craft distilling industry. To help achieve that goal, we design and manufacture distilleries, we train students in the art & science of distilling, and we help develop recipes.

    By taking the "myths" and "romance" out of the equation and replacing them by science and adequate process control, we aim to make the distillation of high quality spirits, in a reproducible manner, both easier and more efficient. Automation, software, process control, and robotization are key to our innovative business culture. Sharing information is an integral part to how we view the world.

    We have over 900 iStills in operation globally. We educate around 200 people via our courses every year. So far we have helped design over 350 recipes, most of them award winning.

    If you guys have any questions, maybe post 'm underneath and I'll dive in and see how I can help you out. Oh, I also wrote a short booklet on distilling. Let's see if I can get that uploaded.

    Regards, Odin
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