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“Whey” to make Vodka discovery

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  • “Whey” to make Vodka discovery

    This “whey” to make vodka could add value to creameries, lessen environmental impact
    Oregon State University

    CORVALLIS, Ore. – As much as 90 percent of the milk that goes into a cheese-making facility comes out as whey, which can be expensive to dispose of in landfills and potentially harmful to the environment.

    Large companies can turn a nice profit by turning some of that whey into protein powders and other nutrition-enhancing products – but the equipment is too expensive for most artisanal creameries, researchers say. However, a new movement is emerging as some of these smaller companies are exploring whey-based “spirits” – namely, vodka.

    Not only are cows now a potential cog in the distilling process, the environmental impact is far less damaging than dumping whey into a landfill, according to studies at Oregon State University.

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    Being going on for decades in Ireland using yeast like kluyveromyces...old news.
    Liam McKenna