Why Breweries Are Now Making America’s Most Interesting Whiskeys

How Dogfish Head, New Holland and Town Branch merge their brewing and distilling passions into something unique
There’s a fascinating intersection between brewing and distilling. Having enjoyed three whiskeys recently that originated from drinks brands far more associated with beer than spirits, I decided to talk to the teams at Dogfish Head in Delaware, New Holland in Michigan and Town Branch in Kentucky to understand what breweries can offer spirits fans, particularly whiskey lovers.

Dogfish Head notes that their core whiskey release, Straight Whiskey, is “delicately aged.” It’s certainly pleasant and doesn’t make too many waves. However, expand to their limited releases, like their award-winning Let’s Get Lost American single malt or the just-released Alternate Takes Volume 3 (a whiskey finished in apple brandy and apple cider barrels) and the flavors go from delicate to outright crowd-pleasing. The latter release — brand new — brings in cinnamon, apple and honey notes in a perfectly balanced tipple that approaches a cocktail in complexity and flavor. It’s already in the running for my favorite whiskey of 2022.

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