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    AK - It's all on the table for Denali Brewing Co.

    Beer, wine, liquor: With three licenses, it's all on the table for Denali Brewing Co.
    By Suzanna Caldwell

    TALKEETNA — Tucked in what was formerly cold storage at Talkeetna's Denali Brewing Co. is a Frankenstein of a distilling still.

    It's made of a mashup of parts found around the brewing facility located off the Talkeetna Spur Road. At about 4 feet tall and barrel-round, the still resembles an oversize keg. Denali Brewing's general manager and founding partner Sassan Mossanen said that's because it was one — well, really two, welded together.

    "There are humble origins with this," Mossanen said of the still during a tour of the brewery last week.

    The still is the quiet start of Denali Brewing Co.'s latest venture. In early November, Denali Brewing's parent company, Twister Creek LLC, secured a winery license and now holds a trifecta of Alaska liquor licenses: brewing, distilling and wine.

    No other business in the state has all three licenses, according to Cynthia Franklin, director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.
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