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  • DIY Keg Washer research

    I am doing some research into automating my manual keg washer, really just building a new one. Having washed enough kegs to fully understand the process I am working on learning PLC coding and getting a parts list and designing a frame.

    Looking at other automatic keg washers on the market I see that pneumatic angle seat valves are on most of the ones I have looked at.
    I am listing questions below to see if there is any information out there that anyone is willing to share. I know a DIY keg washer is not for everyone but we are self funded and trying to grow through revenue so every little bit helps. Cheers!

    How are they reducing the flow for the spear wash with the pneumatic angle seat valves? Pressure reduction? Pump speed reduction?

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    Needle valve post pneumatic seat valve


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      What size pipe does Premier Stainless use in their keg washers?