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  • Colorado Brewing System Keg Washer

    We have a single-head semi-auto keg washer from Colorado Brewing System. Good news, bad news... I feel like we were one of the last few to purchase and receive one before they shut down in 2020. A few months back, we noticed the operating order of the wash/rinse/sanitize cycle was all out of wack. Fresh water was emptying into the sanitizing reservoir during the sanitizing process, for example, making us think one or more of the solenoids went bad and was misfiring. We checked all solenoids and they appear to functioning properly. Also had an electrician confirm that power is being sent to each solenoid. We're feeling a bit stuck and hoping to exhaust all repair fixes before we look at a replacement.

    This leaves us thinking we need to reprogram the whole sequence in the PLC. With Colorado Brewing System out of business, they aren't a resource to help. Anyone have a suggestion on a fix and/or what sort of tech we would need to program the PLC? Thanks and cheers!

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    Hello, I have one of the Colorado units also and had that same problem also. After checking it out, I found the solenoids diaphragm weep hole inside the solenoid getting plugged. Take the four bolts out and separate the coil/plunger top assembly from the base. (careful there a spring in there you do not want to loose) Inside you will see a rubber diaphragm and in it will be a small hole. That hole needs to be open in order for the diaphragm to close, Clean the diaphragm and reassemble. CHEERS!