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Super Simple Keg washer I saw once

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  • Super Simple Keg washer I saw once

    Hey guys, I saw a brewery where a guy had a bunch of little "cups" that were simplified attachments to Sanke D kegs with an in/out hose on them, the hoses went to a series of valves and other hoses/"cups" that allowed for attaching several kegs in sequence and the opening/shutting valves to switch from various cleaning solutions. The entire keg cleaning system fit in a shoebox. Anybody seen anything like this? I could ask the brewer, I suppose, if I could track him down.

    I suppose you could build the same thing out of actual daisy-chained Sanke D couplers, but I'm wondering, mostly, if there is a part out there that is simpler than a coupler that is made for use in a keg cleaning system.

    Funhouse Brews, Portland, Oregon