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DIY a cip keg

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  • DIY a cip keg

    So planning on hacking up an old keg and turning it into cip vessel. Im thinking at the bottom to add two 1.5 ports for in and out, and then a 2” for a possible heating element later on. For the top im thinking either a 4 or 6 inch port so we can seal it up and pressurize in need be.

    Unfortunately im not set up for argon so welds wont be sanitary, but since its just for cip im not too worried.

    Anybody else got some experience or advice they wanna share? Different port selection? Extras to add?

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    Have fun with that!

    The steel of a keg side/top is very thin. It's much easier to blow through than to get a halfway decent weld. I'd look to finding someone with a proper argon and TIG set-up and experience in sanitary welding. Even if the keg doesn't need sanitary welds, it does need uncontaminated welds free of sugaring so they don't just rust out--especially with CIP chem contact.
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      But where’s the fun in that? I can get argon to purge, know the tricks to do it, but id have to borrow the tig. In short, not as easy to arrange as cheap stainless flux welding. Although ihave been bugging my buddy to teach me for a while now....

      In any case, how does the setup sound? In/out at 90 angle, a heater element port, and a 4 or 6 inch top port. That seem pretty generically useful?