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Noble Keg Washer Problems

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  • Noble Keg Washer Problems

    Has anyone else had problems with their Noble Keg Washer or have issues with their customer service? We have one which works fine for what it is. It cleans the kegs although it does seem to go through a lot of hot caustic. Currently ours is down. I think it is one of the automated valves but cannot be completely certain. It runs through the cycles but does not drain so by the time it gets to the sanitization stage it blows everything into the sanitizer trough. The founder and I have both tried to get in touch with them via email and phone. I know in the times of Covid things seem a bit off, but at least have one person manning the email and phone. If anyone has any advice about how to fix or if you have had any troubles with them, let me know.
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    Don't hold your breath. Worst customer service on the planet and that was before COVID. You can get the valves on ebay if that's what you need. I had to completely rebuild ours and will most likely replace it once it dies again. I think they've changed their name because of all the issues. There's another thread about it and a search will give you more info.

    BTW, I tried contacting them numerous times and never got a response to calls or emails.