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is there a viable PAA sanitation alernative

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  • is there a viable PAA sanitation alernative

    One of my brewmasters told me that that some guys (brewmaster colleagues) are saying that they have stop using Peracetic acid for CIP, and rinsing bottle and kegs.
    Is this real? Is there a real discussion about the use of PAA for disinfection of bottles kegs and other equipment or this is just a road that will end in problems?

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    I've not heard that, BUT that doesn't mean anything. The big problems with PAA are the contact time required at low temperatures and recommended strengths (not widely advertised for obvious reasons), and manual handling of it.

    You could try chlorine dioxide, or hypochlorous acid (look up Innowatech GmbH, If you can get hold of a copy of Brauwelt International 2012/2, there is an article on this stuff. I have seen the effect of its use on a fruit juice bottling plant - beautifully clean filler, capper, floors etc, where the juice is unpasteurised. I expect there are other suppliers now of something similar, but these are the guys I have experience of.

    I looked into ozone, but it seemed to be too aggressive on seals in particular, though it was brilliant for housekeeping duties in packaging halls. However, I know one or two people on this forum have sung its praises as a terminal sanitiser.


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      Chlorine dioxide is superior in many ways to PAA, and certainly Iodophor. You should look at its kill rate vs. temperature, species, and time. Look at preparation procedures and cost. Look at PPE and hazards associated with each. I've been using chlorine dioxide since mid 90's and won't ever go back to PAA. In the US, I've had very good luck with a Birko product called Dioxy-Chlor, as well as another product called Oxine from IDD many, many years ago. Even used it to acid-wash yeast routinely. Contact your chemical supply professional and do your own due diligence.
      Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--