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    Hi all,

    I've made the jump from small garage beginnings into the wonderful world of Pro-Brewing. I've got a few brews in already on the big kit and feeling quite confident I can refine my processes a fair way yet but one of the key issues I'm having is cleaning efficiency. If I'm brewing 4 x batches over 4 days what do you think would be an acceptable cleaning schedule to ensure cleanliness, sanitation and that the kit is free from microbes? If I need to clean after each brew with caustic then of course I will but do you think a good rinse would be fine followed by a flush with peracetic (or similar) or should I go for the full rinse, caustic, rinse, sanitation etc in between?

    Also, this is kind of the wrong place but I wondered what anyones thoughts on keeping a slow spin with the mash rake during mashing? Do you think it would increase astringency, tannin extraction or encourage protein shearing or anything like that??

    Excuse if this is sounding like noob questions, they are! I'm mad keen to get my processes in the bag!

    Thanks in advance all


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    I've sent you a PM including my email address I'm in the UK, so if push really came to shove, I could come down and see you, but we should be able to sort things out via email.