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Food safe degreaser for mechanical devices

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  • Food safe degreaser for mechanical devices

    Which degreaser do any of you use while your servicing equipment? We recently had to clean and service our auger and had a little difficulty while removing the auger off the motor. We used hot water and a rubber mallet and it eventually worked. Now Im wondering what food grade degreaser people like to use.

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    Where is this grease being used in an auger and why would there be grease there? I think that for cleaning out of place parts, you might not have to be too careful if you are thoroughly washing afterward with dish soap & hot water. I don't think I've encountered a place where grease comes in direct contact with food. Except in minor use areas like zwickles, mechanical seals, and valve seats. And those don't require heavy degreasing. If you're concerned, the relatively safe orange oil-based products seem to work well.
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