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Hot water sanitizing kegs

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  • Hot water sanitizing kegs

    Our new keg washer has a stem sterilization option on it, but since we don't presently have a steam generator we can't use this feature. It got me thing though if it's possible to sanitize kegs on a keg washer with hot water from the HLT at say, 180 degrees F? If so, how long should they be exposed to this temp?

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    We had to do this for a while when we first opened. Our keg washer did have a paa tank with a pump but it wasn't working and the manufacturer took forever to replace it. I just connected a hose from my HLT to the cold water hose on the keg washer. I used 85+ celsius water for a 60 second cycle. We opened up a couple of kegs and took plates and found no growth.


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      usually if you use water to sanitize kegs, you will need to sanitize it for at lease 10mins, then the beer shelf life in kegs can be 20days under 27


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        A brewery I set up in British Columbia.about 7 years ago with very limited space has never had a keg washer. As soon as a keg is emptied it goes back to the production area for about a 2 min rinse with 185 degree hot liquor. I can't necessarily say I recommend this but they have been doing this for many years with no ill effects. You certainly wouldn't want to do this with distributed kegs as you have no idea how long they have sat after being emptied.
        Cheers, Marc Martin (Northwest Brewery Advisors)