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purging tanks of unknown size, with unknown methods

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  • purging tanks of unknown size, with unknown methods

    So our fermenters have no sight glass on them, and nobody seems to know the volume. I found some notes where previous staff had tried to math out the volume, and figured they were 60HL. I also don't have access to a c-box or other O2 meter. Thus my question is as follows: How can I accurately determine if the O2 is fully purged from my tank other than just doing the ole sniff test on the overflow pipe as I vent? I'm currently running 20psi through the drain pipe and had a timer set for 75 minutes. I'm honestly just guessing at this point though.

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    20 psi doesn't tell anyone what flow rate you get from CO2 running through your pipes--cannot get to flow from pressure. Best way would be to fill your tank with water and then push out with CO2. Gotta ask why you're purging fermenters?
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      We don't have dedicated bright tanks, so I have to use my fermenters as dual-purpose vessels. I don't love the idea of just racking off yeast/trub and leaving the beer in the primary vessel to finish maturing. There's too much garbage stuck to the sides of the vessel. I'd rather just rack it to a secondary clean fermenting tank which I set up for maturing/carbing. The 20PSI I referred to was my regulated CO2 pressure going into the vessel. I just meant that I was purging by feeding my CO2 in through the bottom at that rate, and letting the the O2 push out of the blow-off arm of my tank.