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Adding Hydrogen Peroxide to caustic. What ratio??

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    Originally posted by Brwd.By.Boucher View Post
    Do you guys have the correct chemical name for ordering purposes of Caustic and Peracetic, and recommended H2O mixes for cleaning and sanitizing? Need to place order now....
    The trade name of your specific products will vary by supplier. Most commonly you will find liquid caustic to be comprised of 45%-ish NaOH and a number of other surfactants and chelators added to improve cleaning. PAA solutions are generally around 5%-ish Peracetic acid and 25%-ish H2O2. "Acid" solutions typically refer to a nitric/phosphoric blend at 30%-ish:3%-ish. Hydrogen Peroxide additives are typically between 10-40% actual H2O2. Each supplier should be able to recommend a specific trade product, proper dosage, and temperature for your specific application. Most of this information is already explained in the thread.

    Common practice it to use about a 2% solution (by volume) of caustic additive to your water. If adding H202 to boost the performance, you will create sodium peroxide, which is very aggressive. You need to use extreme caution when doing this. You can start with something like 30ml of a 35% H2O2 per 4 liters of pre-mixed (2%) caustic solution, but you want to add it just before starting the cycle. The pH needs to be above 12.5. The reactions will be rapid and short lived, so you only really get about 30 mins of action. PAA solutions usually needs to be 165ppm or more for a contact time of at least one second. It depends on the manufacturers trade product and the surface you are working with. Test strips are the easiest way to check. General practice is a 15min cycle of PAA solution for sanitation.