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    Seems a little silly to be asking, but curious to what everyone else is using for cleaning towels around the brewery (when a brush/scotchbrite don't seem applicable).

    Currently our tasting room sources towels through Cintas, and we just grab a few for miscellaneous cleaning projects as needed. Usually this system seems to work fine (until they run out of towels, then they aren't very happy with us), but it also seems like we might be spending more money on these towels than necessary.

    I was thinking maybe some thing along the lines of a reusable microfiber towel of sorts?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I prefer cotton huck towels. They're often referred to as surgical towels. They're rugged, nicely absorbent, and don't leave lint everywhere. They come in a bunch of colors, if that matters to you. I also like that they're a natural fiber instead of polyester, so no chance of melting. Amazon sells a 16" x 25" size that is ideal for me either in the taproom or brewery. Hope that helps.


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      I'm cheaper than that....

      Hotels routinely change out older towels for new ones. I trade them beer for a stack of nice, clean, white towels suitable for cleaning and polishing. In odd cases where I can't do that, I've bought same from thrift stores. Love to have quality cleaning supplies on hand!
      Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--