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ClearWater Tech Launches New Product the AEROUSnx™ - Oxygen Concentrator

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  • ClearWater Tech Launches New Product the AEROUSnx™ - Oxygen Concentrator

    Hey all,

    See our press release below about the launch of our new AEROUSnx™ Oxygen Concentrator. It works in tandem with our ozone water treatment panel-mount systems we engineer and build for brewery sanitation. It assures a high output of ozone necessary for high quality sanitation and oxidation for surface sanitation.

    For more information about the AEROUSnx and other ClearWater Tech ozone water treatment systems for breweries, contact Brian Nava at 805.546.2331 or and better yet go to our website at Cheers!

    ClearWater Tech Announces the Launch of the Newly Designed AEROUSnx™ Oxygen Concentrator

    San Luis Obispo, CA, May 31, 2019 - ClearWater Tech, manufacturer of smart, sustainable ozone water and air treatment systems since 1986, announce the launch of the new AEROUSnx™ Oxygen Concentrator. Engineered to create up to 95% dry oxygen at 15 SCFH.

    Air preparation is critical for efficient ozone production. The newly designed, second generation AEROUSnx™ Oxygen Concentrator is the most advanced product on the market today designed to provide a reliable oxygen source for on-site commercial applications.

    “We are thrilled with the launch of our new AEROUSnx™, says Sales Manager, Tim Chew. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with reliable, high performing ozone water treatment systems. And with this next generation concentrator, we can do that and more. It’s more compact, lighter, easier to service, and best yet, it operates seamlessly in high humidity environments. That’s especially beneficial for our customers in areas like FL and resort destinations. We’re proud of this new technological advancement and the potential of delivering quality ClearWater Tech equipment to our customers.

    • Compact – Small footprint
    • Gas flow meter – Quick reference to check operation
    • External air filters – No need to remove any covers to service filters
    • Easy to service – All components, including sieve beds, are serviceable and readily accessible
    • Produces -80ºF dew point feed gas – Keeps equipment clean and dry for years lowering maintenance and increasing efficiency
    • Built for outdoor conditions– Anodized aluminum base and stainless steel enclosure
    • Generated on-site – Oxygen on demand
    • Engineered for high humidity environments
    ClearWater Tech
    800.262.0203 or 805.549.9724