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Spray sanitizing sample port

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  • Spray sanitizing sample port

    Curious what no rise sanitizer you use on your sample port before you take a sample. Using Iso just makes the entire sample taste like Iso. Have used Star San but not sure that is strong enough.

    Thanks for any info.

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    I use starsan in a spray bottle and let it sit for a while before pouring. As long as you use the correct concentration and wait for some contact time, I think you should be ok.


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      Your methodology is wrong if your sample tastes/smells like iso. You have a couple easy answers here. Iso is probably best, but I keep sprayers of Iso and PAA @ 160ppm+

      First, spray with iso and then simply beer rinse your port & container to remove any iso and not dilute your sample.

      Second, (my preference) would be to spray with iso and them flame off with MAP/propane torch. Same as you might do to take a sterile sample.


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        Your best option is to replace the stop-cock style sampling valves with the new bonnet-style ones from Perlick. The stop-cock has too much potential to introduce bugs into your fermenter, and will eventually gall and seize up. The Pelick bonnet valves are completely and easily rebuildable.
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          You aren't running enough beer out if you're getting isopropanol in your samples. You can't expect a representative sample if you aren't flushing 5-10 sec worth of beer through before sampling. Doesn't matter if you're aseptically sampling or just sampling for taste.