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    Originally posted by igbrauhaus View Post
    Hey hey, I also just purchased the 3.5bbl electric 3 vessel from Blichmann. Just got it in the other day and started piecing things together. The "manual" is very scant and doesn't really help much, and the chiller they provided is from a 3rd party (advantage) and has one in and one out with no tubing or fittings, with no information on how to connect to 3 FV's and a brite. I'm actually really frustrated with Blichmanns lack of support. I mean, I know what you get what you pay for, but you would think you could provide some real instruction on how to put everything together.
    Well the brewhouse doesn't connect to the FV's or brite, so theres no reason that would be in there.
    Any system is going to need some in-house engineering to get it connected to your unique space, equipment, and requirements.

    I've been doing brewery consulting, and am designing a brewery that will be purchasing this exact system, so have done a lot of research into it. if you have any questions, shoot me a DM.