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Elements for 4bbl BK

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  • Elements for 4bbl BK

    Hi all,

    I've got a 4bbl kettle coming my way and I need to source elements. I've done some research but conflicting info has left me a little lost. This tank has 4x2"TC ports and I have 208v 3 phase power. I intend to use it for boiling, kettle sours, and HLT when needed. I'd appreciate any advice for how many elements, element strength, and a Canadian or North American supplier. Thanks in advance!

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    Wattco Elements

    No problem. Here’s a video of the suggested 14KW screwplug Hester you need:



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      I do not have 3 phase so I purchased 240v single phase elements from a chinese manufacturer but you can find the correct 208 3ph 2" tri clamp based elements here locally.. Ive bought some from here as well... these are good heaters (Then again the chinese made ripples I purchased have all worked great for us as well) Some building inspectors will only allow UL listed elements so keep that in mind if its a new operation.
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