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Any advice on puppy racker washer?

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  • Any advice on puppy racker washer?

    Hi There,

    The new Brewery i`m helping start up has obtained a 1997 Puppy model B.
    I`m totally inexperienced in this type of equipment and was wondering if anyone had some tips and advice for getting one in fighting shape again and regular use.

    It looks to be in great shape but has been unused for about ten years and has the older controller.


    Dave Woodward

    Tofino Brewing Co.

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    Hi Dave-

    Why don't you contact the guys at Beverage Machinery?

    We've run a Bulldog A model (steam sanitization) for the better part of 10 years now and it has worked well for us. The BMS guys have always been very helpful troubleshooting and replacing parts. It's one of those pieces of equipment that work well 98% of the time but the 2% down time can be pretty frustrating.

    It would behoove you to get a new set of braided steel wash lines and cleaning tap head (at least replace the rubber and plastic parts on the head...including the handles.) Do this first. I'd recommend making sure the utilities supplied are in spec. Sensitivity on the conductivity probes and setting the PRVs that regulate back pressure in the kegs will take some adjusting initially, but the BMS guys can walk you through that.

    Most of the trouble we've seen have been associated with kinks or crimps (sometime imperceptible) in the supply lines and wear preventing the heads from sealing or mating properly to the keg valve. This manifests itself in all sorts of purge failures.

    The temptation has always been to blame the conductivity probes (physically or their sensitivity setting). 'Bout the only time we've fussed with the sensitivity setting is when someone jiggered them to solve a problem that was actually caused by something else and we've never seen them physically fouled. Do make sure they have a good solid electrical connection though.

    Their manual is pretty good so make sure you have a copy.

    Hope this helps and best of luck.
    Clarke Pelz
    Cynosure Brewing