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Bulk Glass and the Meheen

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  • Bulk Glass and the Meheen

    Hello all,
    How are people pulling bottles off a bulk pallet and normalizing them so they can be easily grabbed with the 16 bottle grabber for a Meheen?

    We've finally gotten away from pre-labeling bottles by installing a cold glue labeller, but we're still having to go thru hand picking bottles into 24 bottle flats, just so they line up nicely to be grabbed by the 16 bottle rinse rack.

    I'd really like to make it easier on the guys so they don't spend 2 hours each morning prepping 24 cases. If we could skip the step, we'd get up and running so much faster than we are now.

    Who's got a solution I'm just not picking up on here?

    David Rudge
    Half Pints Brewing Company

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    Sweet set up.

    The absence of safety glasses is a concern though. I wonder how many of us can be seen on our bottling lines without safety glasses on a regular basis?

    I know they can be uncomfortable, get fogged up, slip down your nose etc...but it beats the hell out of catastrophic vision loss. Not to mention the lawsuits and everything.

    Especially when you post a video of it on Youtube.

    Just sayin'


    Liam McKenna


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      Leave it to Linus...

      Figures that Yazoo would have the answer.

      The second video gives a much better shot of what I'm talking about:

      It looks like they're running about 13-15 second fill cycles and we're running about 10 with a 4 head, so a quick solution like this is gonna work great.

      If anyone else has suggestions I'd still like to hear them.

      We get some fairly tall skids with the bulk bottles, so I can see us still grabbing the top 4 rows off the skid into boxes, unless we can figure out a way to shift the top 4-5 rows cleanly off the skid in one motion.


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        Yazoo's solution does seem low cost, easy, and elegant. What I'm really jealous of is how much SPACE these guys have on their production floor!

        Glacier Brewing Company

        "who said what now?"


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          Good point Liam, we had gotten a little lax on the safety glasses, corrected now.

          We thought about a twist rinser too, but how to get six bottles to line up in a row to feed the Meheen? And then you still have to handle the bottles to get them into the twist rinser, unless you have a bulk depalletizer.
          Linus Hall
          Yazoo Brewing
          Nashville, TN